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Award: Best of Tax Advisory Services 2019 - Greece

DINAMIKI EPE was founded in 1990. In May this year, the firm will complete 29 years of continuous and successful operation. It is comprised of tax consultants specialized in international tax law. From the start of its operation, DINAMIKI has set - through the relevant treaties for avoidance of double taxation, which have been conducted between Greece and a further 47 countries - the goal to support foreign customers in tax-related issues and their investment plans. 

According to Spyridon Michopoulos, partner and managing director, Greece's complex tax environment requires the use of specialized consultants. Fluent in English and German, the DINAMIKI team offers a bespoke service spanning the gamut of financial services: from the consulting level during the investment in the local market, during the phase of implementation and setting the operation; to the completion of an operation cycle. 

DINAMIKI offers a comprehensive package of bookkeeping, payroll, tax and labour law-related services by cooperating with professionals of each area, and lawyers of all specializations.

The Greek economy has been in a state of unparalleled crisis the last decade. Mr. Michopoulos explained that innovative structural reforms are required. These include: changes in the public sector of the country and its organization; increasing employees' productivity; structural changes in the insurance and finance sector; and privatizations to minimize the public sector. 

Despite the various rehabilitation programs under the EU - Commission and IMF, the political parties of the country have been still ill-equipped to address these matters. As a result, the economy has shrunk by some 25% during the last decade. 

Despite unfavourable conditions, there is room for cautious investment, The real estate market, although instable, now invites investment opportunities for the savvy investor. Despite of the crisis,  the average income is still high compared to that of neighboring countries. Meanwhile, Greece has signed a series of conventions to avoid double taxation, which offer security to the foreign investor.

The country is located at the crossroad of three continents, and the port of Piraeus has increased its ability to accommodate container transport ships, meaning new investments are expected, while privatization of the rail network will increase opportunities for goods transfer to the centre of the European market.

The Greek economy is under pressure to be further transformed, to become more efficient and less bureaucratic. The institutions have to operate with more transparency – with a greater effort to hit tax evasion, which deprives capital from the state. A more "European" framework is perhaps the answer.

DINAMIKI helps its customers to understand the tax environment; it observes bookkeeping best-practice; it helps its clients make correct decisions regarding the tax consequences of their business activities in order to protect him from hidden charges.

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