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Lynn BA Hons (Econ with Accounting) from Manchester University qualified as a chartered accountant with Deloitte Haskins & Sells, where she conducted audits on some of the world’s biggest companies and organisations, including the Bank of England. 

She then went on to have a successful international career with RCA that saw her conduct special project work in Australia, Italy, Jersey and Malaysia. However, it was her move to Touche Ross’ London office that set her off on her career in Insolvency. 

Lynn took up her Insolvency License in 1988.


Gibson Hewitt is a small firm of chartered accountants who want to breathe life into financially distressed business.  This has developed the Brand Re-energise your business. Entrepreneurs are asked what their goal would be if they had a magic wand.   Many would like to turn their loss-making business into a viable and profitable concern.  As trained accountants a full viability review is made of the business with blue sky thinking and the help of the Insolvency Act and Rules in certain circumstances to see if or how this can be achieved. For example being able to make redundancies with payment by the Insolvency Service, identifying loss making areas of service preparing a business plan capable of being met and or with a moratorium of debts.

Entrepreneurs also get a personal confidence make over. They are often tired and feeling down trodden by perpetual worry and clamour for payments by their creditors.  For a business to succeed and repay part or all of their debts the entrepreneur needs to be able to look at themselves in a mirror, regain some confidence and know what and how their business can achieve.   Their staff, customers and creditors are all reliant upon them to optimise the outcome for all their benefit and for a continuing business.

Gibson Hewitt continuously train their own staff to become chartered accountants and also licensed insolvency practitioners.  An ability to read accounts, know company law, be commercial and be able to share their knowledge is vital.   Fortunately even when fully qualified learning never stops as the Insolvency Act and Rules are often updated and legal cases continuously effect the shape of business.  Also there is no business sector that has not been effected by insolvency and so niche areas of expertise eg construction, manufacturing or running a restaurant or pub has to be grasped and utilized quickly.

When a business plan has been formulated this is put to creditors and negotiated. If agreed the entrepreneur has a second chance of making the business work.  Gibson Hewitt takes on a mentoring and monitoring role with strict reporting requirements to creditors.  Creditors claims are adjudicated upon and hopefully creditors receive some payment.

Where businesses cannot be saved we make a critical assessment as to the appropriateness of each insolvency procedure.  Assets and businesses are sold in a manner to maximise returns to creditors.  Gibson Hewitt reviews directors conducted reports their finding to The Insolvency Service and assist in legal actions if it is determined they are unfit to run a business and to deal with preferences, wrongful trading and to bring claims against directors.   Legal cases can be instigated for non payment of debts or legal arguments.

Due to the nature of our work we rarely have a repeat client and so marketing is very important.  Reputation is vital.  We are known to be professional, fair and treat all entrepreneur’s with respect but be relentless in obtaining recoveries where necessary.  

Gibson Hewitt’s business is dealing with people and businesses in financial distress but all the complexities of running a business have to be met as well.

Lynn Gibson has been providing turnaround advice and insolvency support to businesses and creditors for the last three decades. 

Taking the first step to turnaround and admitting that a business has a problem is never easy, but Lynn Gibson and her team are committed to standing side-by-side with business in Surrey and beyond to ensure the right decisions are taken to re-energise their business.

Within the last 12 months the firm’s talented team, under Lynn’s guidance, has helped a number of struggling businesses across a variety of sectors.

Lynn encourages her team to think outside the box to see how a business can be made viable, focusing on the business and its future, rather than getting bogged down in its failings.  Often to achieve a turnaround the entrepreneurs need to be given life coaching and their confidence built up 

This unique approach is matched by a drive to increase the level of service and support offered to a broader range of clients. 

Utilising its reputation for delivering effective services to distressed companies and individuals and creditors alike, Gibson Hewitt has not only grown its client base but also continued to press forward with a new strategy – managing to obtain new clients from new niche sectors, including the construction and retail industry, which have experienced a very tumultuous year. 

However, valuing Lynn’s advice is not straightforward because where she helps a business or individual, she enables them to continue trading, which in turn means that they can pay their suppliers – providing a trickledown effect that helps a number of businesses and individuals.

Without her support, many of the clients would cease trading – in fact, many describe what the business does as “invaluable”.

For a firm of its size, Gibson Hewitt continues to punch well above its weight, often taking on complex multi-million-pound international cases that some larger firms wouldn’t feel confident handling – all of which is backed up by Lynn’s expertise and strong leadership and guidance.

Where a business cannot be helped then Lynn and her team take a sensitive but tenacious approach to maximising the creditors’ recoveries. 

 Gibson Hewitt has seen continued financial growth against a general backdrop of shrinking incomes across the insolvency sector as a whole.

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