Mr Dennis Miralis and Mr Phillip Gibson
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Criminal Defence
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Criminal Defence Lawyers of the Year - Asia Pacific
Main Practice Area

Criminal Defence


General and Serious crime practice- Australian and international

Nyman Gibson Miralis is an award winning firm of specialist criminal defence lawyers and advisors based in Sydney, Australia, with expertise in domestic and international crime.

Led by Mr Phillip Gibson and Mr Dennis Miralis it has conducted some of the largest and most complex criminal defence cases in Australia and has expertise in the following areas of general and complex Australian criminal law:

  • Murder
  • Drug importation
  • Drug supply
  • Money laundering
  • Corporate Crime
  • Fraud
  • Sexual assaults
  • Assaults

Nyman Gibson Miralis has an exceptional track record of appearing in leading defence cases at the cutting edge of criminal law and is the leading Australian criminal defence law firm with a specialist focus on global transnational criminal law including:                 

Nyman Gibson Miralis has developed expertise in assisting individuals and entities  which are being investigated in several jurisdictions, including China, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Russia and the United Kingdom,  by working  collaboratively across jurisdictions and formulating international defence strategies, covering international investigations and prosecutions (including extradition) and the sharing of information between foreign states.

White collar Crime Practice- Australia and international

White collar crime encompass offences such as corporate crime, fraud, bribery (including foreign bribery), insider trading, embezzlement, taxation offences, money laundering and other dishonesty related offences which may be prosecuted by the Australian Tax Office (ATO), the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and the Commonwealth DPP (CDPP). 

White collar crime also captures proceedings for the forfeiture and seizure of property declared to be proceeds of crime.


What are our main target markets?

Our clients are Directors of Corporations of all sizes, employees and contractors, government office holders, foreign executives and individuals who are seeking the expertise of lawyers who can operate in Australia but also globally.

Our clients seek us out for sound legal advice concerning negotiations with the regulators during the investigation phase but also for our experience in developing and providing legally sophisticated strategies for trial.

Representing clients in white collar crime investigations and offences requires a comprehensive understanding of the complex legislation and the practice and procedure of regulatory and investigative bodies.

The investigation of complex white collar offences often involves multiple law enforcement agencies working across several jurisdictions to investigate, gather evidence, and prosecute, sometimes in more than one jurisdiction, whilst parallel civil and criminal proceedings are often permitted.

We offer specialist capabilities in these areas including providing legal advice about compliance with Australian Anti- Money Laundering legislation.


What are the outstanding services we offer ?

Our major point of difference is our transnational legal work and the relationships we have built working collaboratively with international partners to achieve results aligned with our clients’ objectives.


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