Prof. Dr.jur. Helmuth Gallego
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International Law


Dr. Helmuth Gallego holds a Law degree from the School of Law of the Universidad Externado de Colombia, a LL.M. in private law and a PhD on Bank law from the University of Mainz, Germany. Furthermore, he has been a full Professor among others for Commercial Law, Private Economic Law, Capital Market Law and International Contract Law at Universidad Nacional de Colombia, from 1996 to 2013. Also, he was the director of the private law department for PhD candidates at Universidad Nacional de Colombia, recognized as most important University for its scientific work in Colombia.


Dr. Helmuth Gallego is a Corporate and Commercial law attorney. He is the Founder and Managing Partner of Gallego Abogados since 1995. He participated in a myriad of projects and cross-border transactions, which makes him one of the most recognized Corporate/M&A practitioners of the country.

He is also an arbitrator at the highest category (A) at the Arbitration Center of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá for Corporate and Bank Law cases.

Helmuth is fluent in Spanish, English and German.

Practice Areas

Gallego Abogados is a Colombian boutique Law firm in all its practice areas and stands for legal expertise and academic excellence.

The firm has been growing constantly. 2016 was an exceptional year regarding its financial results, the acquisition of new international clients which was multiplied and the importance of the legal cases dealt with by the firm.

Gallego Abogados’ efficient team represents a broad array of international and national clients, the majority of those related to German-speaking countries. The firm has even two native German and Austrian lawyers. Thus Gallego Abogados offers its services in three languages: Spanish, English and German. The firm’s knowledge of both legal systems, business cultures and the language allows Gallego Abogados to offer unique and precise services to German, Austrian and Swiss clients.

For this reason, Gallego Abogados is attorney-of-trust by several foreign missions in Colombia, such as the Austrian Embassy and the German Embassy. The firm works closely with many international Chambers of Commerce in Colombia, especially from European countries.

The firm is an active member of the German Desk, a network of international lawyers domiciled in Latin America, Spain and Germany advising German companies in their business all around the world. Starting with their office in Bogota, the firm regards itself a rising international law firm, aiming to become the leading German speaking law firm in Latin America.

Gallego Abogados highlights to its clients the particularities of the local market, helps them to generate strategic contacts, accompanies them to business meetings and advises them with respect to the entrance and positioning of their business in the Colombian market. Gallego Abogados uses all its academic expertise, practical experience and lobbying ability to ensure the cost-effectiveness and the legal certainty of its clients’ venture in Colombia.

The thorough training of the lawyers at GALLEGO ABOGADOS, who are lecturers of the most prestigious national universities, the vast experience in advising large and medium-sized European and Colombian enterprises and the commitment to firms clients’ success in the Colombian market are the three fundamental factors that make GALLEGO ABOGADOS your best partner for the development, structuring, implementation and optimization of your project or business in Colombia. The firm considers their client’s success „the guarantee of its future“.

For example for foreign investors, the advisory service of GALLEGO ABOGADOS includes the elaboration of bylaws, the assurance of the rights of the foreign investor, the company’s registration in the relevant registries and the start-up of the enterprises’ operations, taking into account the particularities of the economic sector within which the business operates. Similarly, GALLEGO ABOGADOS gives legal advises with respect to the preparation of meeting protocols of the different corporate bodies, helps in the preparation of reports to be submitted to the supervisory authorities and develops amendments to the bylaws, legal opinions and the necessary documentation in case of mergers, transformations, spin-offs or any other form of corporate reorganization. Moreover, the legal support of its customers to initiate and consolidate their businesses in Colombia has allowed GALLEGO ABOGADOS to acquire an immense experience in the area of commercial law and contracts. Thanks to this, GALLEGO ABOGADOS can provide legal counsel when it comes to the structuring, documentation, negotiation and execution of national and international contracts for all industries as well as trade and services sectors, including tax planning and compliance of corporate and foreign exchange responsibilities arising from the implementation of such contracts.

By the end of 2017, the firm will increase by 50% its team of attorneys. This will allow Gallego Abogados to fulfill the demand of both traditional and new clients. The firm’s lawyers are experts in their fields of practice with extensive experience in international advocacy. They are experts in Colombian Law, International Law, European Union Law, German Law and Austrian Law.

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