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Bannerman Solicitors is a highly respected and award-winning boutique family law firm which is dedicated to providing the highest quality legal service to all of our clients.

Bannerman Solicitors specialise in all aspects of family law, including Child Custody Disputes and Property Settlement matters, as well as Restraining Orders and some criminal matters.

Bannerman Solicitors employs 4 Independent Childrens lawyers more than any private firm in the State and these lawyers have specialist training in complex childrens cases.

Richard Bannerman was awarded Family lawyer of the year in 2016 by the profession.

The Firm has 9 dedicated family lawyers and a committed and dedicated team of support staff to ensure we handle the matters professionally and sensitively.

All our staff pride themselves on their ability to provide personalised, professional services to all our clients, regardless of the nature of their problems.


At Bannerman Solicitors we understand the stresses that come with involvement in family law matters and we will do all we can at a reasonable cost to help you through your difficulties.

Property Settlements

After a marriage or de facto relationship has broken down, dividing up property is vitally important to both parties. Although some property settlements can be quite straightforward, others can be extremely complicated. In both cases, you need to access prompt professional legal advice.

Bannerman Solicitors can advise you on the processes, time limits and your likely entitlements in order to achieve the best settlement for you, as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

If an agreement between the parties is reached, we will formalise it by filing an Application for Consent Orders in the Family Court of Western Australia.

If an agreement is not possible, we will be able to assist you in making an Application to the Family Court to ensure that you get best possible outcome from your property settlement.

All our lawyers are experienced in ensuring that all aspects of your case are taken into account.  We aim to take as much of the stress, anxiety and worry from you in getting the best settlement, at the same time bearing in mind the legal costs for you.

Children’s Issues

If children are involved in any marriage or de facto break down, it is often necessary to seek appropriate advice to organise who the children live with and how much time they spend with the other party.  We can also assist in trying to reach an agreement on other specific matters, such as schooling and health matters.

Bannerman Solicitors have a wealth of experience in dealing with all types of parenting arrangements. We have developed connections with many external experts in the field, which bolster our extensive knowledge in this area.

In addition, for a number of years Richard Bannerman has been an Independent Children’s Lawyer representing children in the more complicated and difficult cases.

Even in the most amicable of circumstances, advice is usually required in order to ensure that the most appropriate arrangements are established in the best interests of your children.

Consent Orders

If parties to marriage or certain de facto relationships reach an agreement between themselves regarding children and/or property settlement, you can have an Application for Consent Orders approved by the Family Court.

Bannerman Solicitors can assist you in all stages of negotiations to reach an agreement, as well as the preparation of the correct documentation to ensure that agreement is made legally binding.


For a divorce to be granted, the Family Court needs to be satisfied that you have been separated for a period of at least one year preceding the filing of the Application and that your arrangements for any children are proper.

An Application for Divorce can be filed by either party to the marriage or both parties jointly.

In some circumstances, you can be divorced when you are separated but still live under the same roof, or even when there have been short periods of reconciliation since the major separation took place.

Bannerman Solicitors can assist you in making or responding to any Applications for Divorce and ensuring that all steps are taken and are dealt with in the appropriate manner.

De Facto Relationships

The Government has recently changed the law in Western Australia to enable parties in certain de facto relationships to utilise the Family Court to resolve their financial and/or child issues upon the breakdown of the relationship.

In order to determine whether you qualify for an Application in the Family Court and what your entitlements would be, you should contact Bannerman Solicitors to seek our expert legal advice.

Spousal Maintenance

Parties who were married or in a de facto relationship may be entitled to seek ongoing financial support from their partner.

This is referred to as “spousal maintenance” and is quite different but related to property settlement.

Bannerman Solicitors can advise you if you have any entitlement to claim or any obligation to pay spousal maintenance.

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