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Boustany Law Offices (BLO) is one of the oldest leading firms in the Middle East, founded in 1897.

BLO has been the adviser of governmental institutions and a large number of international companies as well as influential and ruling families, particularly in Public Law, Oil and Gas, Construction, Banking and Arbitration. With its eminent founders and partners, many of which are law professors, BLO is a full-service law office that has proved for more than 120 years to be a pioneer in globalizing the legal profession by establishing itself not only in the Middle East and Europe, but also in North-Africa and the Gulf Countries.

Consistent with the vision of BLO founders, BLO has always respected the principle of ethics of the legal profession. Consequently, BLO has always built and maintained a distinguished professional and ethical relationship with its clients. The latter, being of paramount importance especially in a region that can be perceived as an area of conflict of interests.

Throughout the years, BLO has been committed to value openness and aiming for total tolerance for human and legal diversity.

BLO lawyers, strongly engaged in improving the community, believe that everyone should have access to justice and equal treatment before the law. Therefore, BLO provides Pro Bono legal work whether directly or indirectly through supporting local or international NGOs aiming to provide a rightful and free representation to vulnerable individuals or groups. Moreover, BLO renders charitable activities through the "Judge Philippe R. Boustany Foundation".

BLO, currently based in Beirut, Paris and Brussels, has sustained a close work relationship with select top-notch law offices in many important business capitals around the World. With its fourth generation of expert lawyers, BLO stands true to its legacy and offers its services in the full spectrum of law—from arbitration and dispute resolution, to commercial and public law—and continues to place Law and Justice at the center of its values.


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