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Most Innovative Cash Flow Provider of the Year


In 1965, Gordon Moore famously postulated that the number of components in an integrated circuit would double every two years without a concomitant increase in cost.  And more or less, this still applies today.  With the relentless doubling of processing power comes a similar explosion in the ability of systems to service customers’ needs and a massive increase in client expectation.

This increase of capability has had implications in practically every walk of life.  In 1965, the idea of carrying a computer in one’s pocket was pure fantasy.  Yet today we take this for granted and even find it frustrating if our wireless Wi-Fi doesn’t connect us instantly to our online digital world.

So the challenge for financiers is how to respond to this burgeoning expectation without sacrificing prudence and the necessity to be a responsible lender. And that is where Working Capital Partners Ltd has led the pack.

For years, invoice factoring had been a mainstream financial product offered by banks to help customers improve cashflow.   Entering the market in 2010, WCP identified that the constraints imposed by traditional thinking were limiting the ability of business to take advantage of opportunities as they arose in the market.  So while it was necessary to preserve the integrity of the underwriting process, WCP set about completely redesigning the factoring offer.

Starting by considering what the client really needed and focusing on providing a personalised and quick response WCP introduced a unique selective product offering:

  • No long-term commitment
  • The ability to finance one, some or all transactions
  • A facility to fund milestone payments
  • No termination fees
  • No monthly minimum
  • No administration fees
  • Client handling of their own collections
  • Pre-agreed fixed fees with no hidden charges
  • Bad debt protection as standard
  • Online deal submission and progress tracking
  • Full compliance with the  UK Finance Factoring standards framework

Starting from a zero base, WCP quickly earned a coveted Five Star rating on Trustpilot and from a modest base has now provided more than £125,000,000 of finance for small business.

But not content with totally disrupting the traditional invoice finance market, WCP went further.  Although businesses were now able to release cash tied up in their receivables, supplier payments could still be problematic.  So WCP introduced an innovative supply chain product, completely integrated with the invoice finance offering which meant that customers could buy goods and components from suppliers and deliver them to their customers without having to worry about the day to day cash flow.  And WCP even extended this to include the incidental charges such as the cost of freight, VAT and duty that have to be paid when goods enter the UK.

WCP has redefined SME working Capital Finance and is a worthy winner of this prestigious award.


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