Domes of Elounda is the realized dream of Ledra Hotels, an organization that operates several hotels in the area. This is the newest luxury resort in the region and by introducing the ultraluxe facilities reinvented Elounda’s lost principal of exclusivity. The food, the culture, the architecture is all brought to life in the form of a luxury resort that consists only of suites and villas. The essence of the concept is to provide a small number of exclusive guests with all the amenities of a resort while offering an abundance of living space, privacy and extraordinary service.



Domes of Elounda all Suites and Villas Spa Resort offers guests the true Mediterranean experience, connecting luxury to natural environment and local culture. This is a new alternative luxury one isn’t afraid to touch, one you can live in, and one with extraordinary character that allows you to remain in sync with the landscape of Greece while enjoying world class accommodation. Our staff is always there when your client needs them and is dedicated to uphold our motto: “There’s nothing we can’t do for our guests”.



Minimally interfering with the natural habitat and harmonically blended with their surroundings, the domed structures emerge from the ground, respecting its natural contours and creating a Mediterranean settlement on a hillside of flower gardens, stone pathways, and olive groves. Each suite and villa finds its roots in architecture from Greece, Carpath and Syria, borrowing features such as domed and pyramidal ceilings that cool rooms capturing sea breezes, and create organically shaped living spaces at a human scale. Mild earth tones are found throughout, embellished with works of art from internationally recognized art houses as well as one of a kind pieces from local artists.



75km from Heraklion airport (largest airport in Crete)

1.5km from the village of Plaka and 2.5kms from attractions in the village of Elounda

12km from Agios Nikolaos and 45km from nearest golf course


80km from Archaeological site of Knossos