Success Story - Mark Zuckerberg

Networking King

Some have called him a boy genius—Time Magazine named him person of the year in 2010, others simply know him as the guy who created Facebook. But unlike the founder of MySpace, Tom Phillips, what Zuckerberg created in his college dorm room at the tender age of 19, was nothing short of a worldwide phenomenon that changed the way people and businesses interact forever.

Growing Up


Born to well-off Jewish parents, Karen and Edward Zuckerberg, in the suburb of White Plains, New York, Mark was raised in the trendy village of Dobbs Ferry, New York. But don’t let his upper class upbringing fool you: Zuckerberg excelled in his studies at Phillips Exeter Academy. Along with his three sister, Randi, Donna and Arielle (Randi worked for Facebook at one point) they won numerous prizes for science, math and other subject throughout middle school and high school years.

Known as “Zuck” to his friends and family, he developed a fondness for communications and computers early on. When he was 12 years old, he developed a messaging system with Atari BASIC, which his father, a dentist, used regularly in his practice. He graduated high school with a focus on literary classics and enrolled in Harvard in 2002.

The Concept of Facebook


Obviously Harvard has and is known for cultivating great talents born out of great individuals.  Poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, President Barack Obama, businessman Bill Gates and cellist Yo Yo Ma are among the many Harvard graduates that have gone on to become leaders and innovators. For Zuckerberg, graduation was too far away to become a success and a leader of the networking industry. It was during his sophomore year at Harvard when he created Facebook; the social networking site that now connects over 550 million people worldwide.

While the movie,The Social Network,may have made Zuckerberg out to be a greedy, introverted kid, the reality of that story was far from the truth. There was some confusion about the initial concept of who created the basic idea of Facebook while Zuckerberg was at school, but until his company became well-known, nothing was said about his creation. As Zuckerberg stated in many interviews from theNew York Timesto theAtlantic Wire,he wanted to be mature about the situation and settled with an out-of-court payment to appease those who may have been involved in Facebook’s inception. Ultimately, it is clear that only Mark could take Facebook to the heights he had planned for it to be.  

Who is the man/boy really? He is modest, dresses in jeans and t-shirts most days and rents out a small home near fellow Harvard dropout, Steve Jobs. He talks quickly, gets excited about anything to do with technology and is, above all, highly creative. He has a tight-knit family, a close group of friends and desires fervently to further the success of his company rather than himself.

Facebook started as a connection for Harvard-only students. It then grew to allow all Ivy League schools. When Facebook received a huge investment of $12.7 million dollars from a capital firm named Accel Partners, he decided to take the company to the next level. He moved his operation to Palo Alto, California –also known as Silicone Valley. Soon after, he decided to not go back to his Ivy League education, and instead devoted his time to creating a social network that is now worth more than $50 billion dollars.

Zuckerberg’s Present


As the world’s youngest billionaire, his personal net worth is approximately $6.9 billion. Fortune 500 companies like Viacom and Yahoo both have offered deals in the billions to acquire his concept. But Zuckerberg is sticking to his guns, working to constantly improve the site, making it easier for people to share messages, photos, videos, updates, play games, and more.

While most companies at this point in its obviously wild success would be turned to a public company, Zuckerberg has kept it private to maintain the most control on decisions regarding the site and the service. There has been discussion of Facebook becoming a publicly traded company, but for now, those thoughts are a couple of years away.

The Future


While Zuckerberg had his hands full in the past turning down offers and tightening Facebook’s privacy issues, the future of Facebook is somewhat hazy. As he states, “I am here to build something for the long term. Anything else is a distraction.” It may seem to some that Facebook has reached its pinnacle, that being the youngest, the biggest and the best networking site in the world means you have achieved it all. However, “Zuck” isn’t done yet. Just as Steve Jobs’ continued to reinvent the proverbial wheel with Apple computers, the iPod and the iPhone, Facebook may very well be the start of a conglomeration of ideas that Zuckerberg plans to share with the world. With a near-perfect score on his SATs, that alone should tell you that the inner-workings of Zuckerberg’s mind are far from resting.




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